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You may have heard that children who study music excel in academic subjects and have improved memory and concentration. These are great perks, but I believe that the arts need no justification from other fields. Learning music teaches a person to recognize beauty in the world, to express the otherwise unexpressible, and to embark on a quest for excellence.

-Angelo Rondello


Performance is the essential to the development of a pianist. To that end, Rondello Studio holds several recitals per year, performance classes, adjudications, masterclasses with renowned performing artists and teachers, as well as many other performance opportunities.


Intermediate and advanced students take part in competitions throughout the region, and students in the Rondello Studio are regular winners and medalists. 

Elsa and Angelo Trophy.JPG

Students with Gold/Silver Medals from regional competitions


Charlie after playing for world-renowned pianist Jean-Yves Thibaudet.


Angelo is hands down the best piano teacher we have ever had. He is demanding, but inspiring, and I was constantly amazed at the progress my daughter made each week. I would recommend him without any reservations.
-Sarah P. 


My nine year old son’s music world exploded with Angelo’s unique gift of teaching piano, music theory and history of music. I’ve recommended Angelo to all of my friends with children.
-Shinhee H. 


For eight years Angelo taught both of my boys. His teaching skills spanned their various developmental stages and he engaged them at every level, engendering a deep sense of love for the appreciation, art and craft of piano music.
-Maria K.

Eric's performance of Handel's Allegro in D minor won Distinguished Gold in Seattle International Piano Competition's Bach Festival. 

Roma's performance of Bach's Gavotte in G minor won a Gold medal in Seattle International Piano Competition's Bach Festival. 

Biegel Leah 3.jpg

International concert artist Jeffrey Biegel giving a masterclass in studio

An award-winning studio in the Grapevine/Southlake area, focused on building talent in dedicated students of all ages.


Rondello Piano Studio is comprised of students whose families place music as a high priority in their children's lives. Regular, guided practice is a cornerstone of progress, and lessons are year-round. Parents and teacher work closely together to ensure that their children's daily practice is focused and effective through structured assignments and concrete goals. The principal focus of study is on Western classical repertoire.

Jan 2019 Class Photo.jpg

Following a studio recital


First and foremost, lessons are about becoming fluent in the language of music - to be naturally expressive and to convey thought and feeling through sound. My goal is to provide students with a solid foundation which will allow them to reach their fullest potential at the piano, whether or not they are pursuing a career in music. To that end, all facets of technique are covered in the curriculum, including:

Physical Technique: Often simplistically referred to as "technique", this is what gives a musician physicial freedom to operate the instrument and includes elements such as flexibility, balance, agility, tone production, gestures, etc.


Aesthetic Control: These are elements of what makes music pleasing to the ear, such as phrasing, tonal balance, rhythm, etc. This is very closely tied to and overlapped with physical technique.


Theory: This is the understanding of the inner workings of music, and is essential to effective learning and memorization. It includes the study of chords, scales, intervals, structure, etc.


Performance: This is the the ultimate goal of music - to play before an audience with confidence and precision. The studio holds regular recitals, in addition to other performance opportunities through the Music Teachers Association and other organizations.


Sight-Reading: Vital to being a fast learner and competent musician, this is the ability to fluently play unfamiliar music from the score.

Charlie performing Haydn's D Major Piano Concerto as winner of Ballard High School Concerto Competition

Leah's performance of La Lisonjera by Chaminade in Spokane Piano Competition (she placed first in the category)

Allison's performance of the third movement of Khachaturian's Sonatina, which won a gold medal. 

Elsa's performance of Bach's Invention in c minor

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